The KNOWHEN saliva test has been a fantastic addition in our quest for pregnancy. It is so empowering to have a visual component to see your own hormone changes and predict fertility. It is so much cleaner to use and less wasteful than the plastic monitors and plastic urine sticks. Having a well made reusable product is awesome. I also love the size because it can easily fit in my purse if I have to head right out in the morning I can even do an easy reading at work. I love having just one reusable product that empowers the knowledge of myself and my fertility. 

Thank you. 



Fabulous pregnancy tool! Very accurate, worth money spent! I am now pregnant, personally, for me it worked like a charm. It is pretty accurate and thanks to the Knowhen saliva test I am now pregnant. I used it every day when I woke up before I had any food or my morning coffee.
 When I started using the monitor my cycle looked unpredictable. I did have positive results at other times of the month so you need to keep tracking it to get some of the knowledge about your cycle. In a few months I knew when I was most likely to ovulate. Remarkably and sure enough I got pregnant and the KNOWHEN device helped out a lot.



Do yourself a favor! I Love this! Take control of your fertility. You will thank yourself. 

-Ashley Hernandez 


It is really amazing to watch the change in my saliva and predict my ovulation. I really enjoy the Knowhen monitor, because not only is it the easiest to use ovulation test on the market, but also I have been learning a lot about my own body after listening to the CD and following the Knowhen website blogs. The free mobil app is so cool and convenient to use as well. Love it.



Excellent product! I am using it along with the Billings ovulation method and it is just a perfect combination for me since the Billings method tells me my fertile days and this one not only knows when I am fertile but also when I am ovulating! 

-Maria Palito 


This product is absolutely the best! It has accurately predicted without fail when my girlfriend is ovulating. Now we know when she can and when she CAN'T get pregnant. What we both love about KNOWHEN is that the results are so fast! Brilliant product!

-Dustin Dwelleron 


It's a great kit that works perfectly. Wow, what customer service! I received my kit, used it a couple of times, and then the small piece of glass broke while I was cleaning it. I left a message via my amazon account and before I even checked my messages, I received the new piece in the mail! Wow...
It's a great kit that works perfectly. Very accurate!

-Rena McPherron 


It's unbelievable that such an easy, effective and economical ovulation testing method still is not very well known... KnoWhen is an excellent product. The best part is that you don't have to pee on anything, all you need is just a small drop of your saliva... You do not need to keep buying supplies, as with other fertility monitors... the KnoWhen instructions are very easy to follow and the CD gives lots of useful information. It took my friend just a few months to get pregnant and it happened exactly when they planned. I can't say enough good things about the KnoWhen saliva tester... I recommend it to anyone who is trying to get pregnant quickly.



This product empowers women to have reliable information regarding their fertility. Knowledge is power and this gives reliable information to all who use it. I give it to my family and friends who want to know when they are fertile to conceive and those who want a non-invasive and drug-free form of birth control.

-Judy L. Davis 


Great product! I believe every woman should use it. My girlfriend uses Knowhen regularly and she loves it. It does work great. The information on their website and iBook helped her to use it the right way for contraceptive purposes. It's really fun to know when to be free or when to be careful not to get pregnant and we plan our intimate activity based on the Knowhen results.

-Zak Peres 


The Knowhen kit is very time-efficient and money-efficient! It has a life time guarantee so you don't have to worry about constantly buying the product over and over again. I don't use any contraceptives because I don't like any chemicals in my body and with Knowhen I can know when I am ovulating or not at the same time. I already have a child and I am looking to get pregnant again!



It is a great way to monitor ovulation without having to go to physicians consistently and do blood work which they charge you for. It is easy to use and affordable which are the two best things to have!



I am using the Knowhen monitor to avoid a pregnancy naturally. The Knowhen kit comes with a CD that teaches you a lot about your body and to help educate you on how to make better decisions before you decide to make plans on getting pregnant. Its always good to know more about your body before you make any decisions.



Interesting approach, seems to work. The product is easy to use and it's reusable. You have to remember not to brush your teeth or drink / eat anything before using it which was a challenge for me at first. But I like the approach and the app that comes with the device is done reasonably well. I can't attest to how accurate it is because I have only been using it for a month but as a healthcare researcher, I see that scientifically speaking, it should work well.