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Hilin Life Products is committed to empowering women with the tools and knowledge they need to take control of their fertility and health-related issues. We are a fast-growing dynamic company with products designed to help women get back to a natural way of life. 

Hilin Life Products, Inc. (HLP) has developed a reusable medical devices, KNOWHEN®, which are designed to help women determine exactly when they are ovulating by checking the drop of saliva daily. This knowledge empowers women desiring children to become pregnant and assists those who choose to plan their pregnancies. The product has been FDA-cleared and patented. KNOWHEN® smart phone app, which tracks fertility, sends the user alerts about their own fertility. It was the FIRST fertility App developed worldwide, which was combined with Ovulation test. This app in combination with our Educational Kits distinguishes KNOWHEN® from other ovulation testers on the market.

HLP is the originator of saliva ovulation monitoring devices in the US. HLP was founded as a result of Ms. Denise nearly dying due to an unplanned pregnancy. HLP’s founder Ms. Helen Denise was determined to develop products that would enable women to determine their own fertility cycles more naturally and cost effectively.

HLP has already produced and it is available in US markets and globally. It was the first FDA-cleared over-the-counter product, “KNOWHEN® Saliva Fertility Monitor with Educational Kit and free APP”. This device’s results are clinically proven to be 98.99% accurate according Clinical Studies performed in USA in 2014, which was published in The Women Magazine.

KNOWHEN® Advanced Ovulation Test presents an unprecedented degree of accuracy for predicting the time of ovulation naturally. Based upon known science, these medical devices are durable and reusable. They use no chemicals and are completely safe. KNOWHEN® detects changes in the pattern of a saliva sample under a mini-microscope as a woman ovulates. A woman simply checks a drop of saliva each morning. Our product is designed and packaged specific for each demographic, geography and economy we serve. Line of new devices related to ovulation checking are in development.