The KNOWHEN® Advanced Saliva Ovulation Test Kit is designed to easily and quickly monitor your fertility and answer these important questions. It is OB/GYN recommended and backed by 98.9% clinically proven accuracy.

#1 – KNOWHEN’s the MOST NATURAL way to track your fertility

Nature cleverly preserves in your saliva the answer to two very important questions: "Am I ovulating?" and "When is the best time for me to conceive?" Checking your saliva daily will unlock the secret of your unique ovulation cycle and answer the most important question… "Could I get pregnant today?"

#2 – You’ll increase your chances of getting pregnant faster

With KNOWHEN®, you’ll know your five (5) most fertile and best days to try if you want to get pregnant. Your romantic plans become focused on fun sexual activities. When you learn about your own unique ovulation cycles, you can gain control of your life by planning activities around them.

#3 - It’s reusable so enjoy the savings

The KNOWHEN® Advanced Saliva Ovulation test is reusable daily for years and backed by a lifetime guarantee. Eliminate those costly prescription refills and decisions about when to test each month due to a limited supply of test strips. You can save approximately $350 annually.

#4 – You can easily track your ovulation results throughout your reproductive years

The saliva ovulation test comes with a fertility monitor app that you can use to record and track your unique ovulation cycle based on your actual test results and sex life throughout your reproductive years. You will know how your ovulation cycle varies from month to month and be able to quickly and securely know when you ovulated and had sex because you knew when the time was right based on your KNOWHEN® results.

#5 – KNOWHEN® will work for you regardless of your circumstances

Some women cannot use contraceptive methods or other fertility products, but these women can use the KNOWHEN® Advanced Saliva Ovulation Test Kit as part of the rhythm method.

Women who experience irregular cycles can finally monitor their ovulation to better understand their cycles. For young women just entering sexual maturity, it’s especially important to use KNOWHEN® to identify and address any irregularities before they become a serious health risk. And for women who just had a baby, it’s great to know when your cycle and ovulation restarts to manage your family planning goals.

#6 – Fertility monitoring is beneficial to your health

Knowing how your body functions will give you the confidence to enjoy sex, which is a healthy activity for you and your partner. You can track your hormonal state and know how your ovaries are functioning. You will know if there are any dysfunctions or irregularities. Every woman between the ages of 15 and 50 needs the KNOWHEN® Advanced Ovulation Test to better understand their own biological functions and avoid taking unnecessary medications.

The most important question of “When” can be answered by testing a drop of your saliva daily, thereby turning any guesswork into an accurate daily calendar of your personal ovulation cycle.