Why the KNOWHEN® App?

Users made the KNOWHEN® Fertility Monitor App #1 because it is:

  • Free – full access and functionality included in the KNOWHEN® Advanced Ovulation Test Kit
  • Different – tracks and records when you ovulate or have sex throughout your reproductive years
  • Innovative – identifies your most likely days to get (not get) pregnant
  • Accurate – information based on your actual daily test results
  • Easy-to-use – quickly and easily monitors your ovulation test results daily
  • Revealing - shows the fertility pattern for your unique ovulation cycle
  • Private – stores your results on a secure server forever
  • Flexible - access to your secure data when needed, even if you lose your mobile device
  • Informative
    • Sends you message alerts on your ovulation status
    • Provides access to exclusive educational materials
    • Keeps you up-to-date on the latest news and innovations in the fertility field

Get the KNOWHEN® Fertility Monitor App in Google Play (Android). Free access for 30 days when downloaded or unlimited free access to all features with the purchase of the KNOWHEN® Advanced Ovulation Test or KNOWHEN® Saliva Fertility Test Kit.